Grin News #4: Jul 09, 2018

Testnet 3 is live. New Mimblewimble project. Dandelion talk.



On the forum & Gitter


  • BEAM, another implementation of Mimblewimble. (via @alexanderliegl_twitter) From position paper, Telegram group, and Grin Gitter:

    • Written in C++ from scratch.

    • Blocks are mined using Equihash PoW.

    • Emission rate using “periodic halving”.

    • No ICO.

    • 20% of all block mining rewards for the first five years goes to the Beam Growth Pool to incentivise development and promotion. The UTXOs for these are pre-generated as part of the Genesis block, and are time-locked to become available gradually at certain block heights.

    • Public Testnet launch in September (upon which code will be released, it’s currently closed sourced).

    Beam’s CTO Alex Romanov dropped by the Grin Gitter several times to answer questions from the Grin community:

  • (incomplete) source code released by @bladedoyle. Contributions are welcomed.

  • GrinScan block explorer updated to work on Testnet3.


  • Schnorr Sig BIP. (via @tromp)

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