Grin Events and Updates Newsletter Resumes


  • Grin Community Council established multisig wallets for split of fund proposal which aims more decentralization and community driven ethos. Tests are done for security and for caution occasions. A procudure which proofs that community council has access to all keys has been voted and approved in 5th Grin CC meeting.

  • Grin G1 miners sold and G1 minis still available for another limited supply. Be careful for contacting original sellers of mining equipments.

    İpollo official site | Nhash official site | Telegram

  • has published a new API endpoint which displays current blockheight chain and grin emission.

  • Community Council member @mcmMike has become an organizer for MW / Grin Berlin Meetup group. Once the Covid-19 pandemic is over, we expect new meetings will be held. If you are in the region, be sure to join and follow.

  • Grin++ desktop wallet has been updated to version1.2.6.


  • New binaries for grin v5.1.1 has been released.

  • Mark Hollis is working on Grin ledger hardware wallet, he is at the stage of implementing firmware tests. You can check out latest progress from this forum thread.

  • Gene’s work on Bitcoin-Grin atomic swaps is finished and RFC’s are waiting to be reviewed.


  • In accordance with Grin Community Council’s aim to enhance Grin ecosystem, it was proposed that Grin funding requests should be at least paid 10% in grin. After an open discussion in community, it has been voted and approved in CC meeting.

  • Grin Community Council is planning to buy some G1 mini miners and possibly a G1 miner from NHash. You can join discussion in the forum.

  • Funding of @jankie1800 and @defistaker for groundkeeping work and helping the GRIN community has been proposed by Grin Community Council. It has been decided to compansate next 3 months as follows:

    • @jankie1800 - 1.000€ / month

    • @defistaker - 1.000€ / month

  • @scilio has made a request for funding of CoinSwap implementation. Proposal has been discussed and approved in the last CC meeting. Congratulations to @scilio on the project.