93: Armored slates 🛡

Covering April 06-12 2020



  • Various options are being evaluated for how to handle Hard Forks / Network upgrades after the last scheduled hard fork in January 2021.

  • Feature requests for v5.0.0 are being solicited.

  • Experiments with armored slates are underway, a potential improvement to file-based transaction building.


  • There are 103 open issues in /grin, and 32 open issues in /grin-wallet.

  • Merged PRs: 2 in /grin | 0 in /grin-wallet | 2 unique contributors

  • Grin v4.0.0 Network Upgrade (HF3), expected ~ July 15, 2020:

  • @yeastplume weekly update.

  • @antiochp weekly update.

  • Slatepack, a format for armoring transaction slates, was proposed by @joltz. Still in R&D phase, the idea would be to eventually replace file-based transaction building with PGP-style armored text that can be copy/pasted rather than up/downloaded like so:

    BEGIN SLATEPACK. 2xfX9bS82gxJ6jN D6X4X843wrT84DT FkstYawTtacDqeU HybZLwcF26YXCix bmpTcw3hii6BF4x axfussSBrZq7xMQ P1rbw3GpebXkMeY i7aSjRZgxqDJwzt MyGqBauGHxEFZNg FeEbVFsqXaKkKwK PQdxrpKutVmJV67 pbY4nbeZgPtRaZj QZL61Wj7iGqKBuu tDvEwUBsuhb9GRf 1MK3jegnbKG5JJr QVrYignWoZrpXUx PiDobVMLh7RTRrz T6GNKJftiwJ5gup f7T69mFG9H8JqCG A4i5ogfcHhfgg5b 2AzBJA49nh39Pyh zotpGBj7a7RK4Kr bWqksP7iTxvfdUB zVwinrRjLeryvF7 uroTKm514ZDDrKf ZbyncaZXcFGYHWM tWp5ccsjjtM1JqB adragavjHQyjqkU 2JH9YnoRkx2AyuU qvn7nnb4fMTAVSw sbAPwBTua7njNht nhzRqtdHTr9KM9q eXHDN9iascu. END SLATEPACK.  
  • v5.0.0 is set to mark the last of the scheduled hard forks, and is due around Jan 15 2021. Ideas and wishes for what changes that should be prioritised are being solicited.

  • @antiochp draft proposal for “Unknown Kernels”, in the context of making Grin more soft-fork friendly.

  • The next bi-weekly developer meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday Apr 14 @ 15:00 UTC in grincoin#dev on Keybase. You can add topics to the agenda.





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