91: New core team member 🐣

Covering Mar 23-30 2020



  • @joltz added to core team.

  • Node patch v3.1.1 released.

  • Governance debate on forum and keybase.

  • Scope for v4.0.0 closes tomorrow.


  • @joltz joined the core team in the first addition after the departure of Ignotus.

  • Last week’s governance meeting approved @lehnberg funding request, discussed forum costs, fund volatility, proof of work, moderation team, and reviewed of open RFCs.

  • @antiochp request for funding. To be discussed in next

  • @lehnberg Q12020 funding period evaluation.

  • There was a discussion about proof of work in keybase #general chat about any actions to take against the possibility of secret ASICs, triggered by community members. Henry Quan, ASIC mfg of grincon1 fame joined and answered questions. No proposal was formalised. (discussion available in the chat history on keybase).

  • Long forum thread over the course of the week about Grin governance, past and future directions, funding, and community sentiment. Spillover in Keybase #general over the weekend.

  • The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for Tue Apr 07 @ 15:00 UTC in grincoin#general on Keybase. You can add topics to the agenda.





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“Mimble Flyer” Artwork in this edition is by @LovelyGrin.

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