#79: $77m worth of Grin mined in 2019 🌱

Covering Dec 22 2019 - Jan 06 2020



  • A video posted on the forum shows how $77m Grin was mined in 2019, making for an impressive first year where Grin was able to stand its own against other POW coins.

  • As was feared, the old domain grin-tech.org has fallen into unknown hands. DO NOT TRUST this site and for donation addresses to the General Fund ONLY USE THOSE LISTED IN THE GRIN-PM REPO.



  • Both dev and governance meetings have now been moved to Keybase, with an action to improve visibility of our Keybase community on the main website.

  • @lehnberg (yours truly) request for funding for Q1 2020 ended up being contentious, with some forum participants challenging the request. The request will be decided on in the Jan 14 governance meeting, those interested are welcome to participate.

  • There are new community and governance sections up on the grin website.

  • 2019 Q4 financial transparency report published.

  • The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for Tue Jan 14 @ 15:00 UTC in grincoin on Keybase. You can add topics to the agenda.





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“Naturalistic Grin” Artwork in this edition is by @LovelyGrin.

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