#78: Floonet hard fork successful 🔼

Covering Dec 16-22 2019

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DEAR READERS: GrinNews is taking a break over the holiday season and will be back again in full force in 2020. 🎇



  • Both dev and governance meetings have now been moved to Keybase, with an action to improve visibility of our Keybase community on the main website.

  • @lehnberg request for funding for Q1 2020.

  • In last week's Governance meeting: Yeastplume's funding request was approved, Meetings were moved to Keybase, distribution of backup shares for grin.mw domain was agreed, and we rescheduled meetings over the holiday period.

  • The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for Tue Jan 14 @ 15:00 UTC in grincoin on Keybase. You can add topics to the agenda.





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