#75: First GrinJoin tx 🔀

Covering Nov 25-Dec 01 2019


  • grincon1 slides and videos have now been published - if you weren’t able to make it to the event, be sure to check out the talks!

  • Wired covered the limitations of privacy in privacy coins. Well written, researched, and balanced.

  • Similarly, @joltz, creator of the /grin-security repo and a security contact, shared some thoughts about privacy in the context of grin and other cryptocurrencies. Must read.

  • @DavidBurkett announced the first GrinJoin transaction: 9 different transactions were sent via TOR to a GrinJoin server, and were joined together before being seen by the p2p network. Further work is required to make this an untrusted setup, but is a nice demo of the type of obfuscation of the transaction graph that's possible to do on the second layer of Grin.

  • The Grin page on Bitcointalk has gotten a revamp, courtesy of a grin community member.







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