#57: Fork imminent 🍴

Covering Jul 08-14 2019

Forum user @Grumpy took it upon themselves to submit an application to Binance. 🥇


  • The hard fork that will see the Grin network upgrade to v2.0.0 is happening at time T minus two days or so. Here’s a handy countdown timer provided by the folks at CoinGecko. Version 2 will put transaction incompatibility behind us (permanently hopefully), and will see a a lot of fixes and improvements, and provide a more stable ground for future upgrades. If you’ve not yet upgraded your node or wallet to v2.0.0, do so ASAP.

  • Tomorrow Tuesday there’s the 4th Grin Meetup in London. @yeastplume, @jaspervdm, and yours truly will be there alongside some of the other 86 grinners who are planning to attend, come join us! 🙋‍♀️

  • @nijynot has been working on a redesign of the grin website and a new visual language for Grin. 👩‍🎨

  • And if a scheduled hard fork isn’t enough action for you, there’s also been yet another Grin fork / Grin clone announced! Technically "Epic Cash" was announced, not that it's actually a fork of the grin codebase. ツ




Any mention of a project in this section should not be seen as an endorsement. 

  • For those using Grin Gold Miner, there's been some hard fork information announced.

  • Vite wallet is also ready for 2.0.0.

  • The next monthly ecosystem meeting is scheduled for Tue Aug 13 @ 17:00 UTC in grin/Ecosystem on Gitter.

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