#55: Grin 2.0 🔀

Covering Jun 24 - Jun 30 2019

Coinbase CEO Bryan Armstrong tweeted a video with a grin sticker in it, leading to lots of speculation about a possible future listing. To me it just looks like someone has great taste in laptop stickers, that’s all. ツ


  • Grin 2.0.0 has just been released. Upgrade node and wallet binaries ASAP, these are the only versions that will be working after the mid-July hard fork. ☝️

  • Edward Snowden briefly mentioned Grin in the context of privacy at a Bitcoin conference. (~26 min in).

  • Bitcoin.com made Ignotus / Satoshi comparisons. In other news: Satoshi starts with an S and ends with an I. Ignotus… rhymes with grinluminati. 👁


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