#53: Governance Proposal ⚖️

Covering Jun 10 - Jun 16 2019


  • The big news from last week is that a proposal was made to iterate on Grin’s governance model. A wide-ranging proposal, it proposes an RFC process and new sub-teams. To be discussed on Tuesday’s Governance meeting. Give it a read and feel free to participate in the conversation tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow’s Governance meeting will also discuss putting later POW phaseouts on hold, which will have a big impact on ASIC manufacturing. Stakeholders and other interested parties are invited to participate.

  • The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Tue Jun 18 @ 15:00 UTC in grin/Lobby on Gitter. You can add topics to the agenda.



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  • Revelio, a new privacy-preserving proof of reserves protocol for Grin exchanges. 

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