#52: A year of Grin News 🎂

Covering Jun 03 - Jun 09 2019

As the first year of the newsletter comes to an end, it’s easy to forget how much has happened since that first issue was published. The first London Meetup had just been wrapped up, we were on Testnet 3, and it felt as if Mainnet was at least a year away. Now, a year later, we are already preparing for our first scheduled hard fork. Yet it feels as if Grin is the youngest of toddlers still, and work has barely begun. Let’s see what the next year brings us. Thank you as always for reading. /Daniel


  • Grin v1.1.0 has been released, see detailed information and what went in the upgrade here.

  • We have published tentative timelines and info on the v2.0.0 hard fork that is happening in mid-July. Affected parties take note and plan accordingly.

  • @hashmap announced as a speaker at the August web3 summit in Berlin.


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