#44: Fork fork fork 🍴

Covering Apr 8 - Apr 14 2019

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  • @yeastplume and @lehnberg talked Grin with Laura Shin in the latest edition of the Unchained podcast.

  • Binance Labs announced an open source fellowship grant for the Ironbelly Grin mobile wallet. 🎈

  • Forum discussion on what the use cases for Grin are.

  • What would a week in Grin be without a fork? MWC lights up an airdrop on 4/20, mark it in your calendar. 🚬 The team of seven, including developers, brand strategists and financial consultants, will reserve 10% of the entire emission for development, airdrop 30% to bitcoin addresses, keep 10% in a HODL dividend fund, and the remaining will be POW mined.


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  • The last Governance meeting discussed a Grin Improvement Proposal processes (which was decided to wait with), Proof of work phaseout changes (also wait and see), Donation to support @lehnberg part-time (granted, six months), and whether to allow donation for specific purposes (not via main dev fund).

  • Shout out to SparkPool and an anonymous miner in their pool for another big monthly contribution to the dev fund. 💘

  • The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for Tue Apr 23 @ 15:00 UTC in grin/Lobby on Gitter. You can add topics to the agenda.


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