#43: Soak time 🛀

Covering Apr 1 - Apr 7 2019

Photo by Jelena Ardila Vetrovec on Unsplash



Soak time before release of v1.1.0, with focus on testing

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Any mention of a project in this section should not be seen as an endorsement. 

  • The next monthly ecosystem meeting is scheduled for tomorrow Tuesday Apr 9 @ 17:00 UTC in grin/ecosystem on Gitter.

  • Niffler: An open source GUI Wallet for Grin in Electron/Vue, currently macOS only.

  • MyGrin: Custodial Grin Web Wallet. Use at your own risk.

  • @grinbot by GoblinPay: A Keybase chatbot that adds a Grin privacy wrapper for BTC transactions, similar to xmr.to.

  • MinerGate mining pool added Grin support.

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