#42: Grin + I2P = True? 💘

Covering Mar 25 - Mar 31 2019

Image courtesy of the 2Miners announcement of their Grin mining pool.


  • FastCompany article on Digital Money and whether the original promise of cryptocurrency can survive, with a mention of Grin.

  • Event recap from Grin Amsterdam last week, with a link to the video livestream. Videos of the individual talks broken up are coming soon and will be posted to the Grin youtube channel.


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  • Slean mining was announced by @lolliedieb at the Grin Amsterdam event, making it possible for low memory GPUs to mine the Cuckatoo ASIC tuned algorithm efficiently.

  • And almost simultaneously, there was another announcement for another method that can be used to solve Cuckatoo with less memory.



Any mention of a project in this section should not be seen as an endorsement. 

  • ZB.com exchange announced that they are adding Grin, with trading to start on Apr 2nd.

  • 2Miners announced support for Grin in their mining pool for SOLO and PPLNS.

  • Grin++ node and wallet is now on mainnet.

  • GrinPurse: A closed source grin GUI wallet for macOS and Windows, made by Bitmesh exchange. To be open sourced in the next week according to the developers.

  • The next monthly ecosystem meeting is scheduled for Tuesday Apr 9 @ 17:00 UTC in grin/ecosystem on Gitter.

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