#34: A work of art 👩‍🎨

Covering Jan 29 - Feb 03 2019


  • After a little nudge, @yeastplume's funding has now been closed. Thanks to all the supporters for contributing to the project.

  • Woo! Took a while, but the GrinconUS videos and slides are finally up.

  • Quentin spoke at Stanford Blockchain Conference. Youtube video here. And then there’s also a transcript by @kanzure / Bryan Bishop.

  • TheBlock interviews Zcash Co CEO who doesn’t see Grin as a competitor, calling it “fragile and limited on a technological basis”. Including it here for posterity. ツ

  • Grin Code Review, concludes that “it was built with passion, dedication, and love. The builders should be proud, it is a work of art. Simple, yet elegant. Concise, yet descriptive.”

  • MIT Technology Review looks into Grin.

  • Oh and we got forked. Twice. In the same day! And then the two forks started trash talking one another. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • And not only that. A third project, Grin Cash, was announced. But it seems it’s not a fork. Just, you know, a cool name.


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