#30: Making headlines 📰

Covering Dec 31 2018 - Jan 6 2019


  • Tibor Fisher of The Guardian mentioning Grin in a piece about the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin, calling it “…the best name for a currency in the history of money”.

  • Grin made the front page of Hacker News on Jan 3rd.

  • Mentioned on #15 of Arjun Balaji’s noteworthy Crypto Theses for 2019 post.

  • Included in @lopp 2018 stats on commits & contributors.

  • Some valuation commentary:

    Su Zhu@zhusuTo support a $500mill mcap on Grin in 6 months, the market would need to absorb $2.7mill/day in Grin issuance/inflation (higher than ETH, and more than 50% of BTC issuance). What's the idea behind trying to hypermonetize something that was designed to avoid hypermonetization?



  • Notes from last Governance meeting. No genesis block message. Non-binding polls for mission statement, currency ticker, and symbol is conducted on the forum and decisions will be made in next meeting.

  • Some of Bisq’s experiences with governance.

  • NOTE DAY CHANGE: The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for Thursday Jan 17 @ 15:00 UTC in grin/Lobby on Gitter. You can add topics to the agenda.



  • GrinPro Miner: High performance and professional miner to manage and monitor mining of Grin.

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