#28: Grin Activism 🧱

Covering Dec 17-23 2018


  • We saw the official announcement of Layer1, an “activist fund for cryptocurrencies” that is backed by Peter Thiel. Grin is their first investment. TechCrunch reported on the story further.

  • The activist of the week however might just be Aurel, the patron saint of Grin, who once again stepped up and closed the security fund raising with a large donation. Like a boss. 🙏


  • There are 125 open issues in Grin

  • 22 pull requests were merged in the past week, with 8 unique contributors.

  • Floonet, permanent betanet, was released successfully, replacing Testnet4. There are some thoughts about doing another dry run release of the network within the week as there were a couple of bugs uncovered during the release process. So might not end up being permanent yet. The name though, is.

  • Grin++, the Grin implementation in C++ for Windows, was open sourced by @DavidBurkett. Contributions are welcomed.

  • Yeastplume wrote a Holiday Season retrospective that made my eyes moist and heart warm.

  • NOTE DAY CHANGE: Next bi-weekly developer meeting is scheduled for Thursday Dec 27 @ 15:00 UTC in grin/Dev on Gitter. You can add topics to the agenda.


  • Notes from the last governance meeting are up. Audit #2 was postponed into the new year, and the genesis process was discussed.

  • Grin-pm repo received a bit of a face lift, the curious historians amongst us can now dig in the past notes and review old cliff notes.

  • NOTE DAY CHANGE: The next bi-weekly governance meeting is scheduled for Thursday Jan 3 @ 15:00 UTC in grin/Lobby on Gitter. You can add topics to the agenda.



Upcoming events

  • Jan 8London, UKGrin London Meetup. Submit projects you want to demo.

  • Jan 28, San Mateo, CAGrincon(0)<US>. New website is up, and 50% of tickets are already sold. All proceeds go to Grin development fund.


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