#26: A&A = LOL 🕵️‍♂️

Covering Dec 3-9 2018

Comparisons are often made between code and law, with the argument that software development isn’t that different from writing legal texts. If this holds true, then the Australian Government is well on their way to push some really buggy code to production with their Assistance & Access law. This ProtonMail blog post sums the problem up quite nicely, and this tweetstorm illustrates how out of touch the Aussie lawmakers seem to be from the realities of development. Good luck making this work in practice. ✌️

Governments around the world are shouting louder and louder for encryption backdoors. If there ever was a question as to why privacy projects are better developed in a distributed fashion without a legal entity to subpoena or harass in the courts of a particular jurisdiction, developments such as these may provide convincing answers. Of course, being distributed does not prevent individual contributors from being coerced by their governments to put in backdoors in projects, but being open source should (hopefully) make such efforts more difficult to go unnoticed.

Interesting times ahead.

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