145: A New Mining Guide For The Newly Launched GAEA-Pool 🌌


  • Marek from Grinventions💡 has been busy creating a precise slatepack integration guide for support of the many GRiN exchanges and pools. Additionally check in and support the ongoing Grinvention MimbleWimble PHP development based on MimbleWimble-Javascript and MimbleWimble-Python

  • Introducing the newly launched GAEA Pool. Now providing miners with more pool choices and helping to harden the decentralized network. With a nice start the GAEA-Pool is already contributing over 5% total hashpower! Please consider making the switch for a healthy and decentralized network

  • The GrinCC Tools-Hub is being updated into a total GRiN resource compendium; now includes an extensive list of past, present and future contributions covering the expansive multitude of various GRiN commitments

  • New GRiN mining guide 👍 available thanks to beincrypto.com

  • @jimmyispromo is back after 30 days of hands-on mining with the Ipollo G1-mini. Operating on the pool 2miners connected with the Grin++ wallet- this detailed follow up includes ROI calculation, and a detailed Ipollo G1 buying guide

  • Both G1-mini and G1 Grin Asics miners are still available. Remember to contact official sites only

    Nhash Contact Telegram (https://t.me/NHASH_iPollo_GRIN_Miners)

    İpollo official website(http://ipollo.com/)


  • Grin++ Mobile wallet beta release v0.3.0

  • First Milestone - Coinswap Implementation with @Scilio

  • Atomic Swaps review is ongoing with GeneFerneau

  • GRiN Ledger Nano hardware wallet development update from MarkHollis

  • Now included in the GRiN Tools Hub is a new exchange template solution API and GRiN test-net exchange. Both developed by @Pkariz

  • Also now included in the GRiN Tools Hub is the @axinrock developed Grinmail email protocol- designed to automatically send and receive transactions via email