143: Realizing POW Chain Security By Way of Decentralization 🤝


  • Community GRiN miners opt-in for bulk-pricing discount and establishes investment resource specifically denominated in GRiNツ POW chain security is always on and as such the conversation of how to secure, share, and decentralize mining resources are on-going currently.

  • GoblinPool is shutting down. Mining server will be offline at 2021-10-22 while website will be functioning till 2021-11-15. Withdraw your assets before 2021-11-15. We recommend GRiN miners to switch other pools for a healthy hashrate and decentralized mining. You can switch to https://grinmint.com which is being acquired by the Grinnode.live platform.

  • Ipollo and Nhash began another G1 Miners batch. You can order from their official sites. Be aware to use official channels
    NHASH Telegram | Ipollo Website

  • Welcome back 🧙‍♂️DavidTavarez! Long time GRiN contributor and G++ Wallet developer DavidTavarez has formalized a commitment with the GRiN Community to continue developmental improvements to the G++ Wallet and expand it's footprint on mobile and micro-pc platforms. (arm/raspi/android)

  • Marek-Renzokuken from Grinventions has been hosting informative and entertaining MW code review and updates from their twitch.tv livestream. Past episodes are archived so if you're interesting in the detailed working of MW code give Marek's content a visit- bonus Quantum Programming for the brave.

  • GRiN Miners introduced at Dubai CED 2021,Dubai,13th-14th,Oct. Congratulations to iPollo on the successful Presentation

  • Thanks to @jimmyispromo a nice hands-on mining tutorial with the G1 Mini is available to all!




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