142: Growing Organized Sub-Communities👩‍🌾


  • Cultivating Community Sub-Groups are on the horizon and the Grin Community Council is getting serious about bringing on new events and initiatives to further grow and engage with the Grinverse. As these Sub-Groups develop and grow be sure to drop by and check out the happenings!

  • With GeneFerneau's Atomic-Swap protocol complete there is now work to be done to review and implement this exciting new protocol into the existing Grin wallets. Soon the Grin Community may swaparoo their favorite cryptos so do stay tuned for these new protocol developments.

  • It’s offical, Community Council funding is now finalized! The Grin Project has further decentralized operational management and has delegated a shared resposibility to the entire Grin Commnity to foster and support Grin in very real and practical ways.




“GrinBeard“ artwork in this edition is by @LovelyGrin.

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