122: Batten down the hatches 🌪

Nov 02-Nov 08 2020


  • Grin experienced a network level attack during the night of Nov 7-8, where an entity acquired enough hash power to perform reorg attacks.

    • @mcmmike and @deev authored an incident report that gives further details.

    • The community discussed and solidified its stance regarding 51% attacks back in July when we were warned about the risk when another project was attacked. The position was and remains that Grin would rather suffer a 51% attack than adopt an unsound longest chain rule.

    • It’s not unreasonable to expect further attacks to follow. As for any proof of work mined coin, before accepting a large amount transaction as valid, you should wait for a high number of confirmations.

    • On this basis, @energyburn proposes a mitigation with Dynamic TX confirmation times in the wallet.

    • Shout out to @joltz, @quentinlesceller, @deev, and @mcmmike who were working through the weekend researching and analysing the incident.






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