News Grin Community Council established multisig wallets for split of fund proposal which aims more decentralization and community driven ethos. Tests โ€ฆ
Mar 22-28 2021: Last chance for volunteers to Grin's community fund proposals.
Mar 15-21: Attack on the network successfully mitigated thanks to Grin++. New v5.0.4 released. Two new funding requests. Ledger bounty locked.
Mar 08-14: Integration examples, Ledger bounty application, looming 5.1.0 release, applications still open for community fund members.
Mar 1-7 2021: Call for volunteers to lead a second fund for the greater good of Grin, these are the applicants so far. iPollo G1 mini teardown. $50k boโ€ฆ
Feb 22-28: Proposals on how to iterate on spending from Grin's General fund are actively discussed on the forum.
Feb 15-21 2021: Unboxing of the iPollo G1 mini ASIC miner. Antioch's funding request approved. Discussions to split up the General Fund.ย 
Feb 8-14 2021. Release planning, Grin book, Antioch updates and weekly Grin roundup.
Feb 1-7: Big discussion on funding contributors in last governance meeting. Ironbelly update. How to run your own Grin Node.
Jan 25-31: List of things to focus on after hard fork. Funding requests submitted and withdrawn, triggering discussions on how to fund devs. CoinSwap sโ€ฆ
Jan 18-24: Rework of Mimblewimble to support non-interactive transactions. New versions of Grin++ for mobile and Desktop. MPC for trustless aggregation.
Jan 11-17: Hard fork successful, Priority Wishlist, Aggregator proposal, Exchanging grin for brisket.